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  Marc's Back Injury
  HI every one,
  I have recently suffered an injury to my back, I first
  injured it two weeks after I won Britain's Strongestman
  comp in May. I had under gone physio treatment for
  8 weeks prior to going to worlds Strongestman, I
  competed in the European team championships,the
  Finish grand prix all pics on my web site,and then
  the WSM,but it has caused me big problems in all the
  comps since BSM and knocked me out of the worlds
  strongestman. I have now had an MRI scan and the
  bottom disk in my back is split,so I go into the woodlands
  private Hospital in Kettering on the 22nd of October to
  under go surgery to fix the problem,so I will be back
  fighting fit very soon and will be at BSM 2003 to hopefully
  Win title for a second time. Can't wait to get it sorted as
  it has caused problems the last few months,and will be
  back in training very soon the surgeon say's. It should
  not cause me any more problems and is near enough
  an instant fix, and leg pain and weakness will be gone
  instantly. Will keep you all up dated on my recovery.

  Marc Iliffe
  Britain's Strongestman

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